Coronavirus Operational Staff Meeting

Meeting of the operative staff set up in connection with the coronavirus was held. Tornike Rijvadze, the Chairman of the Government of Ajara led the meeting.

He summed up the epidemiological situation in the region after the meeting. ‘We are going to strengthen the clinical direction even more. I am personally aware of the condition of all patients. There was a delay in responding to laboratory samples. However, I can tell you that all this has been eliminated, the system is working perfectly in both laboratories as well as diagnostics and hospital management.

Currently, 8 clinics are involved in virus management in Ajara. We have more than a thousand co-infected. Epidemiologists, public health, emergency management services, police are involved in the processes so that we can manage patients and stop uncontrolled spread.

Our goal is to have complete order in the hospital part. Everyone will receive timely medical care.

As for the beds, there is a permanent reserve. We expect the situation to stabilize. It should be noted that we have a certain amount of pneumonia, which is noteworthy’ – Tornike Rijvadze said.

92 cases of new infections were detected in Ajara today. 504 people are being treated in the hospital and 456 patients are in quarantine. 8 medical institutions are involved in the management of patients infected with coronavirus in the region, an online clinic has been launched.