Meeting with Champions

Tornike Rijvadze, the Chairman of Ajara AR Government awarded the sportsmen and coaches who won the Georgian and European Championships within the framework of the Sports Development and Promotion Program.

It was noted at the meeting that the development of sports infrastructure is actively underway in Ajara and the region has the potential for the development of sports tourism. Therefore, athletes will have maximum support.

‘2019 was truly outstanding for our region at all levels, both in terms of your achievements and recognition. Batumi became a sports city, then Ajara became a sports region, it was a turning point in many directions in terms of sports infrastructure’ – Tornike Rijvadze noted.

The Minister of Education of Ajara, Maia Khajishvili, talked about the challenges that athletes face during the pandemic.

‘Many of you have changed your training schedule, but we all need to be able to adapt to the new reality as much as possible. We all need to keep in shape, both athletes and the government. We will continue to implement measures that will serve the development of sports and athletes’ - said Tornike Rijvadze.

It should be noted that the construction of sports infrastructure is underway in Ajara. Batumi Multifunctional Sports Complex and Batumi New Stadium are in the final stage. In the near future, there will start the construction process for the new gym in Chakvi. The requirements and needs of the athletes will be taken into account as much as possible in the multifunctional complex.