Tornike Rijvadze - Significant Initiatives were taken to Promote the Investment Climate and Stimulate the Economy at the Crisis Stage

Tornike Rijvadze, the Chairman of Ajara AR Government presented the annual report to the Supreme Council of Ajara. Tornike Rijvadze summed up the measures taken to curb the spread of COVID 19 both in the region and in the country.

The Chairman of the Government noted that the great work implemented by the Interagency Coordinating Council under the leadership of the Prime Minister of Georgia and the regional headquarters in Ajara resulted in a case that we do not have a single case of new infections in the region today. Batumi was declared a green zone.

‘The maximum has been done so that no one is left without basic care. We have not lacked the resources for our citizens to come out of this process peacefully. The specific strategy, which was aimed at stopping, meant taking into account the recommendations of epidemiologists and professionals and restoring the economy’ – Tornike Rijvadze said.

23 million GEL was immediately mobilized in the budget. GEL 7,300,000 was allocated for the arrangement of quarantine zones in the region, which benefited more than 8600 citizens. Quarantine zones were an opportunity for hotels facing economic losses to retain staff and therefore not leave these people unemployed. With the involvement of the government of Ajara, many citizens returned to Georgia.

367,332 GEL was spent from the Adjara Government Reserve Fund to purchase 7,000 food baskets for families living in all six municipalities of Ajara. Not a single vulnerable family was left without a food basket. Within 10 days, the Batumi Republican Hospital was reorganized as the Kovid 19 Management Clinic, for which GEL 9,000,000 was allocated from the Ministry of Health. More than 6,000 people in Ajara have benefited from the anti-crisis plan developed by the Georgian government.

In order to support the investment climate and stimulate the economy, various initiatives have been taken in the crisis phase, in particular, the investors have been postponed for 6 months and no penalties have been imposed during the state of emergency.

Despite the fact that Ajara was facing a special challenge as a border region, the Ministry of Health managed to make Ajara a role model in the field of clinical management, for which the Chairman of the Government thanked the doctors.