Batumi in Euronews Focus

‘The city of Batumi on Georgia's Black Sea coast is bracing for a tourism boom after winning the 2019 title of "Europe’s Leading Emerging Tourism Destination" at the prestigious World Travel Awards’ – reports Euronews. The program "Focus" devoted extensive reporting to Batumi, that answers the question: why Batumi is an attractive tourist destination for tourists.

The report shows the rapid development of tourism in Batumi and in general, tourism products, traditions and culture. The Euronews crew visited Ajara by invitation of Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara. Videos created for the popularization of our region were running on the other leading channels as well: Deutche Welle, BBC, etc.

‘You can head straight from the beach to the mountains and picturesque valleys. It's all possible in Ajara, thanks to its unique ecosystem,’ – says the journalist.

Tornike Rijvadze, Chairman of the Government of Ajara, told Focus: "Ecotourism is actually one of the greatest opportunities we’ve got here. Our agencies work very hard to find new directions. We expect to have quite a successful season this year.”