Tornike Rijvadze holds a Working Meeting at the Ministry of Health and Social Care

Tornike Rijvadze held a Working Meeting at the Ministry of Health and Social Care.

Nino Nizharadze, the Minister of Health and Social Care of Ajara presented 2023 programs to the chairman. The budget of the Ministry of health exceeds 33 million Gel in 2023.

In 2023, both in the direction of health care and social protection, program innovations tailored to the needs of citizens will be implemented. Oncosurgery and heart surgery are fully funded in Ajara; The budget for heart, bone marrow, and liver transplants and the number of beneficiaries have increased;

Funding for infertility treatment and diagnosis has increased. Treatment of patients with severe retinal disease and behavioral disorders caused by alcohol was launched;

12 473 910 Gel will be spent for social protection programs. 3 325 beneficiary will be provided with service. A one-time material assistance program for parents and pregnant women with disabilities was launched. Eco migrant families will be financed with 40 000 Gel instead of 30 000. It is planned to purchase 100 residential areas.

In 2023, the financial assistance to the families of those who died during hostilities will increase, as well as the provision of aids to the disabled and the elderly.



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