Tornike Rijvadze – 60% more to be spent on Tourism Development in Ajara

The year 2023 will be outstanding in terms of tourism for Ajara. 60% more will be spent on the development and promotion of tourism in the region. Tornike Rijvadze, the chairman of the government, announced this at the government meeting held today.

‘Tourism remains a priority and the increased funding will allow us to host all the planned events properly. I would like to mention that this year we are hosting the gala event of the Oscars of Tourism, as well as the European Rural Tourism General Assembly. One of the important periods will be the European Under-21 Championship, and everything will be done to ensure that the city hosts all the events in a dignified manner. Also, the development of tourism in the highlands of Ajara remains an important priority in our agenda, a number of important programs are planned in this direction’ – the chairman noted.

The budget of the Ajara Tourism Department has increased to 16 million Gel.

This year, the region will host such important international events as:

• World Travel Awards European gala ceremony

• European Rural Tourism General Assembly

• 24th European Championship of national teams under the age of 21

This year, the mining and marine tourism products of Ajara will be actively advertised and promoted, both on domestic and international tourist markets. In advertising campaigns, the main emphasis will be placed on strengthening online advertising and television advertising in rated media.

Also, Ajara will be popularized with the involvement of famous bloggers and influencers. The advertising budget has increased by 83% this year. The Department of Tourism of Ajara will implement service-enhancing educational programs in active cooperation with the private sector.



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