Tornike Rijvadze - Sports Infrastructure of 150 mln Gel to be constructed in Municipalities of Ajara in 2023

More than 15 million Gel will be spent for constructing sports infrastructure in all the municipalities of Ajara in 2023 – the Chairman of the Government of Ajara Tornike Rijvadze said on today’s session.

Tornike Rijvadze noted that the construction of the ice arena and the swimming pool will be renewed, and within the next two years, the mentioned projects will be fully completed.

‘We have planned a number of important projects in the direction of building new sports infrastructure. Our task is to have quality and international standards-compliant infrastructure on the one hand, to enable us to host and hold international sports events at all levels. Next year we are hosting the European Under-21 Football Championship and it is important that the region and the city prepare accordingly to host the said event. Construction of rugby stadiums begins in all municipalities. Also, one of the projects that will be implemented next year will be the construction of the chess palace’ - said the Chairman of the government.

Yesterday in Shuakhevi Municipality, a football stadium of the FIFA standards was opened. Design works for the construction of a new sports complex in Kobuleti are in the final stage. Also, a new sports complex and a football stadium will be built in Khelvachauri and Keda.



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