Tornike Rijvadze - the 2023 Budget of Ajara envisages Financing the second phase of Dream City Construction

Priorities of 2023 Ajara budget were discussed at Government Session. According to the main financial document, for the first time, the budget of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara exceeded half a billion GEL, increased by 5.2% and amounted to 507,300,000 GEL.

‘Along with the double-digit economic growth, it found an appropriate reflection on the tax revenues, the tax bill, and it was determined by 410 million GEL, which is a 17.2% increase compared to the previous year. A number of important social, healthcare and infrastructural projects are planned within the mentioned budget. The priorities that represent the biggest challenge for the population are especially important. In this direction, 4 million GEL was determined for the next year's appropriate housing program for eco-migrants. We are increasing funding, and by next year, each eco-migrant family will receive 40,000 GEL,’ Tornike Rijvadze said at the meeting of the Ajara government.

2023 budget envisages financing the second phase of the Dream City construction. funding was determined at 17 million GEL. According to the 2023 budget of Ajara, the budget of the program for housing provision of eco-migrant families increases to 4,080,000 GEL, and the share of co-financing from the state for each family to 40,000 GEL.

The rehabilitation project of water supply and drainage infrastructure will continue. Also, the gasification of mountainous Ajara will continue, for which 4,500,000 GEL will be spent. The budget of the Ajara Road Department has increased to 60 million GEL, and in 2023, asphalt-concrete will be installed on up to 50 km of roads, including roads of tourist importance.

Salaries will increase for persons employed in budgetary organizations. The financing of municipalities in the part of capital transfers is increasing and amounts to 168 million GEL, which will allow municipalities to implement a number of important projects.



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