Funding for the Development and Promotion of Culture to be doubled in 2023, funding for Sports to be increased significantly

Tornike Rijvadze, Chairman of the Government of Ajara, during the discussion of the main directions of the 2023 budget, noted that the budget for the development and promotion of culture is increasing by 40% and amounts to 25,500,000 GEL. Accordingly, programs supporting artists will be strengthened; More than 1 million GEL will be spent on organizing festivals and other cultural events;

Funding for cultural heritage maintenance will be doubled. ‘Funding of culture and culture-related workers and programs is increasing. More than 1 million GEL will be spent on organizing cultural events. It is also important that for the purpose of care, preservation and rehabilitation of cultural heritage, the budget will be doubled and the relevant programs will be implemented,’ -Tornike Rijvadze said.

In 2023, the financing of sports in Ajara will increase by one million GEL. Also, the financing of mass sports is increasing;

Funding of federations is also increasing. ‘Funding for sports is increasing. Funding for each federation increased by more than 10 thousand GEL. Appropriate support for the prize winners of both the world and European championships will also increase, and together with their one-time prizes, a monthly scholarship will be awarded’ -Tornike Rijvadze noted.



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