Budget for Health, Social Care, Public Health and Employment Programs Increases in Ajara

The Chairman of the Government of Ajara Tornike Rijvadze, in his speech at the Supreme Council, spoke about the implemented and planned programs in the field of health and noted that funding for health and social care in Ajara is growing every year. With the increase in the budget, the budgets for health, social care, public health, and employment programs have increased.

‘2022 will be important and turning point for Ajara, because this year, along with many important projects, the biggest social project, Construction of the first phase of the Dream City, where 582 families will be provided with apartments, will continue until all families are provided with safe housing. The necessary procedures for the implementation of the second stage have started,’ - said Tornike Rijvadze.

Significant innovations in social projects and health programs were implemented in Ajara in 2018-2022: social houses were built in Batumi, housing was provided to 150 families in Keda and Khelvachauri; 219 families living in the village of Tsablana were provided with apartments in Batumi; The implementation of the state targeted program Batumi without damaged houses has started, the housing problem of 3000 families will be solved; 365 eco-migrant families bought housing in Ajara; 15,000 beneficiaries benefited from the social programs. In 2021, the budget of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs was 27,200,000 GEL. In 2022, it is planned to purchase 100 living spaces for eco-migrant families.

In 2022, funding began for an important program, infertility diagnosis and treatment. Modern reproductive medical services for childless couples will be funded through programs.



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