Ethno Village being built in Machakhela Gorge

Tornike Rijvadze, the Chairman of Ajara AR Government got acquainted with the implementation of a large-scale project of ‘Ethno Village’ in Machakhela gorge. At this stage, the construction of a modern standard visitor center is being completed. Interior and yard improvement works of the building are underway. Within the framework of the project, the project documents required for the implementation of other infrastructure projects will be prepared this year as well. Which includes the rehabilitation of the bridge in the Machakhela Valley, the restoration of the Alivake Fortress in Lower Chkhutuneti. Within the framework of ‘Machakhela Gun Road’ arranging tourist infrastructure is also planned.

‘Ethno Village’ is designed to develop tourism, increase economic activity, protect the environment and health, which also involves the employment of local people.



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