Construction of Chakvi Weightlifting Base in Progress

Sports infrastructure is being actively built in Kobuleti. The Chairman of the Government of Ajara got acquainted with the construction of the Chakvi weightlifting training base and noted that the new space will provide full training for athletes and competitions.

‘The construction of a new Chakvi weightlifting gym is underway. Progress is tangible. We are already planning to finish it and put it into operation. It is important that all weightlifters have decent conditions both for training and for holding international competitions. This is not just one project that we will implement in Kobuleti municipality. It is planned to build a new rugby stadium of modern standards very soon and it will create the new sports epicenter in Chakvi and Kobuleti, as well as in other municipalities of Ajara’ – Tornike Rijvadze said.

Sports Base Construction of Chakvi weightlifting training base is in an active phase. The building includes a gym, lounge area, conference room, offices and a hotel area. The building and all types of infrastructure are adapted for people with disabilities.



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