Shuakhevi Increased Budget presented at the Government Session

Today, the government of Ajara held a Session in Shuakhevi municipality. Large-scale projects planned under the increased budget were discussed at the meeting.

Important projects are being implemented in Shuakhevi Municipality, such as the state program of renewed regions, within the framework of which the Shuakhevi House of Culture will be rehabilitated. Important centers of tourist attraction are being established in Shuakhevi. 10 million GEL has been allocated for the arrangement of tourist infrastructure in Chvana gorge. Approximately GEL 10 million will be spent on the longest, two-lane zipline in Europe on Mount Chirukhi. Construction of a shelter and picnic infrastructure began on Jvarimindori. It is planned to arrange a transitional pedestrian-bicycle path through Kaviani Fortress to Keda and Shuakhevi municipalities.

A large-scale project for the development of Gomarduli has been launched. A study on the development of sports tourism in Ajara was prepared by an international company, which includes the development of Gomarduli. Arrangement of infrastructure starts this year. all commercial activities in Gomarduli are exempt from property taxes. Within the framework of the increased budget, the centers of Shuakhevi and Shuakhevi villages will be improved.

The systemic development of Shuakhevi will contribute to the emergence of completely new opportunities. 10 883 580 GEL will be spent in Shuakhevi municipality for road rehabilitation. The construction of a school for 240 students in Shuakhevi is underway. Six schools will be rehabilitated. Three new gardens will be added to the municipality. The construction of a school for 240 students in Shuakhevi is underway. Six schools will be rehabilitated. Three new kindergartens will be added to the municipality.

With the involvement of the local self-government and the financial support of the Government of Ajara, the first vocational school was built in Shuakhevi, which will create new employment opportunities for the local population. Improvement of the central square of Shuakhevi, designed for 500 spectators, is underway. Stadiums of Chvani, Khichauri and Takidze villages will be rehabilitated. 14 new programs will be implemented in the field of health and social protection, for which GEL 1,291,170 will be allocated from the additional budget.

Rehabilitation of rural dispensaries will begin. Rural entrepreneurship development and family development promotion programs will be continued. Rehabilitation of internal district roads and drinking water will be implemented with the updated budget; Improvement of Chirukhi and Gomi mountain centers is planned. The budget for landslide measures will be doubled.



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