Projects planned in the Municipality within the Framework of the Increased Budget discussed at the Government Session

The outgoing session of Ajara AR Government was held at Goderdzi resort in Khulo municipality. The projects planned in the municipality within the framework of the increased budget of Ajara were discussed at the session.

The budget of Khulo Municipality has increased by 2 128 740 GEL and amounts to 17 347 048 GEL. Within the framework of the increased budget, houses of culture and sports fields will be built and rehabilitated in the municipality. The construction of an emergency medical center and improvement of the town will also start in the municipality. Arrangement of drainage canals, water mains and water supply systems - about half a million GEL will be spent for the renovation.

Education support will continue. The construction of two primary schools will be financed from the budget of Khulo Municipality, for which up to 200,000 GEL will be spent. In Khulo municipality, the construction of 2 schools is underway and 2 new schools will be built (in Kalota and Vashlovani) by the Ministry of Education of Ajara.

In addition to the projects implemented by Khulo Municipality, other large projects are being actively implemented with the funding of the Government of Ajara and Georgia. The historical project of gasification of mountainous Ajara is underway, within the framework of which the gasification of Goderdzi resort has already been implemented. The gas pipeline includes the Batumi-Goderdzi Pass section, from where the sections of Batumi-Khulo and Goderdzi Pass-Resort "Goderdzi" have already been completed.

Roads are being actively improved and 11,253,190 GEL will be spent for the rehabilitation of road infrastructure this year. It is planned to arrange cement-concrete cover on the road up to 21 km and to arrange artificial buildings in different directions. As part of the promotion of tourism and investment processes, the Khikhani Fortress access road will be constructed. Work is underway on a development plan document for the arrangement of a tourist-recreational space in the Khikhani Castle zone; Work is also underway on Goderdzi development plan, Beshumi-Goderdzi pass plan document and Khulo development plan. The first stage of the ‘Green Lake’ rehabilitation project has been completed and the works will continue this year as well. The project envisages the development of additional new infrastructure in the area.

Two new schools will be built, for which about 3 million GEL will be spent from the budget of the Ministry of Education of Ajara. Two schools will also be rehabilitated. Construction of Kaloti school and Lower Vashlovani school and residential campus will start. The republican budget of Ajara in 2021 has increased by 85 747 900 GEL and amounts to 414 221 900 million GEL. The transfer to the municipalities increased by 51,255,100 GEL and amounted to 131,086,700 GEL.



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