Awarding the Tourism Sector

Hotels involved in the quarantine project were awarded today for their contribution to the fight against the pandemic.

The Chairman of Ajara AR Government Tornike Rijvadze thanked the representatives of the hotels and called on them to continue hosting the guests in compliance with the regulations.

‘The last two years have proved that in the fight against the invisible enemy, along with hero doctors, soldiers, policemen, similar heroes are the personnel of the tourism sector who served our citizens in coordination with other agencies on a daily basis and showed great responsibility.

I would like to thank you for your support, which has allowed us to practically stabilize the epidemiological situation today. The tourism sector has positive expectations as the trend is already showing signs of both improvement and rapid recovery. I want to promise you that together with the specific projects we are implementing at both national and regional levels, we will be able to return tourism to its usual dynamics of development,’ - Tornike Rijvadze said.

More than 70,000 citizens in Ajara used the quarantine services. The Department of Tourism of Ajara still continues to manage quarantine areas in Ajara. At this stage, there are only two coved hotels and one standard quarantine zone at the border crossing.

The award ceremony was attended by the Acting Mayor of Batumi, the Chairman of the Supreme Council, the Minister of Economy, the heads of the agencies involved in emergency, health, patrol and quarantine.



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