Food Baskets Distribution Process starts in Ajara

Food baskets distribution process has started in Ajara. Tornike Rijvadze, the Chairman of the Government of Autonomous Republic of Ajara got acquainted with the process with Archil Chikovani, the Acting Mayor of Batumi. At the first stage, 5,200 socially vulnerable families across Batumi will receive assistance. Food baskets will be distributed throughout the region after that.

As the Chairman noted, implementation of similar programs is very important during the pandemic. ‘About 2 weeks ago, we decided that all the financial resources mobilized by the end of the year would be used for social needs, and about 10,000 families will receive baskets by the end of the year. Under the new budget, food supply will be provided to the population in all municipalities of Ajara and the provision of medicines will be added. We are trying to expand this area of ​​support as much as possible so that in the coming New Year and beyond, no family will be left without state care’ – the Chairman noted.

Food baskets will be distributed to various social groups including people under 18 with disabilities, single pensioners, large families, family members of war victims.

In addition, the Government of Ajara additionally provides food baskets to vulnerable social groups in all municipalities of the region.



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