Cultural Heritage Monuments under Active Rehabilitation in Ajara

Rehabilitation works for the cultural heritage monuments are in active phase in Ajara. Tornike Rijvadze, the Chairman of the Government of Ajara took a look of rehabilitation works of Petra Fortress and St. Teodore Ajareli Church.

Rehabilitation works of St. Theodore Ajareli Church in Batumi are being actively carried out with the financial support of the Foundation ‘Cartu’. The project budget is 700 thousand GEL. At this stage, the interior of the church and the yard are being finished.

Petra Fortress is being reconstructed at the initiative of the Ajara Cultural Heritage Protection Agency. The budget of the project is 2 200 000 GEL. Adapted paths, a visitor center, exhibition buildings and a car park were arranged on the territory of the prison.

The works are in the final stage. A tender has already been announced for the arrangement of 6 elevators for people with disabilities.



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