Ajara Budget planned with 3.2% growth despite the Pandemic

The budget of 2021 was discussed at the session of the Government of Ajara. Tornike Rijvadze noted that despite the epidemic in the country, the economic team has increased the budget by 3.2%. ‘I would like to note that despite the global pandemic, the economic team managed to plan the budget with an increase of 3.2%.

This means that none of the infrastructure projects, including the social project, will stop. We have made some commitments in terms of salary increases for workers in culture, education, and therefore, neither of these commitments will be postponed, everything will be fulfilled in this year's budget. I note that the large and important infrastructure projects that were planned will be implemented without delay.

We also provide capital transfers in terms of municipalities. The capital transfer will be 75.3 million for all six municipalities, which will allow Batumi and other municipalities, including Batumi, not to delay the specific projects that we had planned.

I would also like to note that none of the municipalities has reduced the budget, including Khelvachauri. You know that the natural disasters have caused significant and serious damage there. Therefore, Khelvachauri will have an additional 2 million GEL for the transfer’ - the Chairman of the Government of Ajara said.



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