Road Infrastructure Projects of 10 million GEL being implemented in Khelvachauri this Year

Rehabilitation works of Makho Bridge in Khelvachauri Municipality have been completed. The Chairman of the Government of Ajara, Tornike Rijvadze got acquainted with the works carried out within the project.

Asphalt-concrete cover and reinforced concrete drainage canals were arranged on Makho bridge. Up to 2500 families will benefit from the rehabilitated road. 900 000 GEL was spent from the budget of the Department of Roads of Ajara for the implementation of the project.

Road from Makho Bridge to the center of Tkhilnari village was rehabilitated.

Also, rehabilitation works of the road in the direction of Charnali are underway in Khelvachauri Municipality, where asphalt-concrete cover will be laid on 1140 meters.

Road infrastructure projects of 10 million GEL will be implemented in Khelvachauri municipality in 2020.



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